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Learn How Yoga, Massage, and Therapeutic Bodywork Can Help You!
Yoga, massage, and therapeutic bodywork in northern VA

Dharma-Tao Yoga, massage, and therapeutic bodywork help clients create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve results that include:

  • Alleviate pain

  • Eliminate energy and fascial restrictions

  • Feel fulfilled and balanced

  • Have more energy for activities of daily living

  • Improve body awareness

  • Increase endurance, flexibility, strength, and concentration

  • Increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat

  • Prevent injury

  • Reduce affects of stress

I define stress as anything that acts to disturb the equilibrium of the mind, body, and/or spirit. Unless our mind, body, and spirit are in perfect balance, we are always under stress. Living requires constant stress management. So, how we handle stress greatly influences our overall health and well-being. Yoga, therapeutic bodywork, and aromatherapy can help you manage stress and minimize its adverse effects.

I use Bodywork to facilitate my clients' healing process. I interact with clients with the intention of creating a healing space within and around them, in which their body, mind, and/or spirit can release energy that is no longer needed and take in energy required for healing and balancing. I use one or more specialized therapeutic modalities to create the healing space for my clients. The selection of modalities depends upon the client's condition or request. 

Yoga, massage, and therapeutic bodywork in northern VA

Yoga is a more than 5,000-year-old lifestyle, composed of many facets. We can choose which, if any, facet(s) we want to embrace. An astrologer once told me that a little Yoga is better than no Yoga at all. Most people are familiar with Hatha Yoga, which is the name for the system of physical poses and movements that many people typically associate with Yoga. However, Yoga's facets include systems for meditation, nutrition, breathing, vocalizing, thinking, cleansing, and more. I trained in the classical Yoga system of Sivananda Yoga that simplifies Yoga into six key elements:

Yoga, massage, and therapeutic bodywork in northern VA
  • Proper Exercise (Asanas)

  • Proper Breathing (Pranayama)

  • Proper Relaxation (Savasana)

  • Proper Diet (Vegetarian)

  • Positive Thinking (Vedanta)

  • Meditation (Dhyana)

Embracing all six elements greatly decreases the adverse impact of stress in one's life. Adopting any of the six elements will help you to manage stress, just to a lesser degree than if you chose to follow all six.


"In the Ukraine, when you have hands like yours, we say they are a gift from God."


A. S.. ~ Reston, VA

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